Empowering Emotional Release

Experience the Supported and Empowered Diva that you were meant to be.

“…an incredible coach and emotional healer. She is caring, intuitive, intelligent and is a wonderful guide. She has taught me to “feel it to heal it”, helped me clear unwanted patterns and to discover my authentic self. I am so grateful for the work that Donna Lee does!!!” Karina Hammer Nashville, TN

  • EWoman floats in the waternjoy better relationships
  • Feel  healthier
  • Experience more abundance
  • Let go of unhealthy habits
  • Free yourself from pain
  • Reduce or eliminate your stress
  • Allow your body to naturally heal itself
  • Feel joyful, centered and free!

No matter what your personal goals may be, Empowering Emotional Release can be universally applied.

I’ve discovered that the mind and emotions are the major causes of physical imbalance. I love supporting people in being free from unwanted patterns and directly experiencing the Authentic Self.

I use powerful methodologies and tools that quickly release the “old stuff” that no longer serves you. Best of all I teach YOU how to use the tools to empower yourself in having the life you truly desire.

Learn how to easily release any limiting thought, feeling or belief and see results quickly.  This is included in the Higher Self Care Program.

Donna Lee is a Certified Sedona Method Coach since 2007.