Remote-DNA Testing

From the comfort of your own home ….     support3001You are ready to jump into wellness coaching, but just how does the bio energetic screening work long distance?

With remote testing: You need not be present.  Simply mail in a DNA sample and get accurate results.  You will be given instructions upon enrollment.

Joanie’s Rockin’ Experience

….having manifested an extreme physical health challenge and undergoing an operation requiring removal of tissue and a subsequent skin graft, my body at age 74 was experiencing…..difficulty recovering it’s normal high vibrational abilities. I had for several years enlisted Donna Lees’ considerable expertise with Bioenergetic Testing in maintaining a drug-free, “natural” approach to perfect health as a life long self healer…being immobilized in bed prevented me from coming in…however, she could exact a reading accurately by DNA (surrogate) Testing using hair and saliva samples…Having ingested the frequency induced substances required by the DNA reading, within a few short hours the results I experienced were astounding – WOW!!!

Bless you Donna Lee for aiding my recovery with drug free, …scientific and ancient resources.           Namaste


IMG_0532MeganCrawfordI, Megan C., tend to move around with the wind and don’t stay in one place very long.  I’ve seen Donna Lee in person many times, but the great thing about surrogate  testing is that it allows me to stay in balance wherever I happen to be living at the time.  These long distance screenings seem to be just as accurate as the in-person visits!  Last year I began having some serious issues…I sent Donna Lee my DNA samples.  I had elements that showed toxicity in my body.  I took the remedy and also changed my diet due to excessive uric acid in my body, and within several months I was back to normal.  I can’t tell you how many times these surrogate DNA screenings have literally saved my life. ….. I feel lucky to have found a method that gels with who I am and matches the energetic frequency of my being. 

Thank you, Donna Lee, for providing me with such a fabulous service.