From Exhausted Superwoman to Empowered Diva

How the “Higher Self Care Series” was bornmeadow3001-300x300

You may have experienced Computerized Bioenergetic Screening and it’s marvelous ability to hone in at a cellular level and remove what may be blocking your better health naturally. As I screened more and more people, it became apparent that we have more than just physical interferences to better health. This discovery led me to study emotional release techniques to better serve you. What you may not know is that I have studied A Course In Miracles for 3 decades & facilitated ACIM groups for the past 14 years. This radical spiritual philosophy, based on realizing that you are love and removing all the blocks to that truth, inspired the creation of a series of fun interactive courses for like minded souls. bioSynergy balances physical, thoughts/emotions and Spirit at the deepest level.  Click here to learn more about Donna Lee’s  7 Step approach.

 How it Works 

Our natural state is perfect peace which elicits better health. So why aren’t we peaceful? I have deducted that there are 3 major blocks to peace. Most of it occurs in our thinking which in turn activates emotion. When our thinking and emotions are balanced, our bodies  respond in kind. The physical being the 3rd barrier to peace.  Maintaining a body, supported by clarity of thought and allowing emotion to surface and pass through, becomes almost effortless. The physical aspect is refined more precisely with the marvels of computerized bioenergetic testing and taken further with all the support that comes with wellness coaching. Together we’ll discover how these areas are at times blocking our peace of mind and more importantly how to truly overcome woman

Are you ready to let your higher self guide you to holistic well-being? I’ve designed my 6 Month Higher Self Care  Personal 1:1 Coaching Program to support you to do exactly that. This program is specifically designed for the holistic health minded person who is committed to take their well-being to the next level and experience more peace and better health.

Want to see if this is a good fit for you? Schedule your complimentary 30 minute Self-Discovery session.

 From Exhausted Superwoman to Empowered Diva

Coaching Program Benefits

Discover and live your brilliance!

  • Guaranteed Crystal Clarity about what works best for you while creating a life you will love for years to come. Including a “really listening” style of Expert Support so you may reach your wellness goals without forcing, stressing or undue pressure.
  • Guaranteed to provide all the tools needed to bring balance into your life and create lasting changes by tapping into your inner wisdom so you can finally enjoy your life to the fullest.
  • Designed to uncover & move through emotional barriers so you can reach and maintain your wellness goals with ease.
  • Sustainable results Uncover underlying cellular/energetic physical toxicity and clear surfacing layers for good, naturally. No more dieting with real results while enjoying a brand new relationship with food/eating that will bring you freedom you’ve only dreamed of.
  • Real Balance in every area of life from career and relationships to mindset and spirituality.
  • 12 bi Weekly Coaching sessions spanning 6 months, plus The Get Real Plan E book.
  • BONUS: 3 Full Bio energetic Screenings. Target & remove deep seated toxicity.
  • BONUS: 4 Emotional Release Sessions. Identify & release surfacing emotion, simply.
  • Inspiring cutting edge Articles, Audios, Videos to access anytime, anywhere & E mail access.
  • Unlimited Lumen Light use. Technology designed to activate the natural healing process.
  • BONUS: Upon graduating from the Higher Self Care Personal Coaching Program you will qualify for a myriad of exclusive support packages, programs and discounts.

Is your spirit telling telling you, “YES!! Sign me up! I need this!”.  Then schedule your  your complimentary 30 minute Self-Discovery session today and we’ll go over any remaining questions you have about the program and you can enroll and get started. 

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