The Higher Self Care Program From Exhausted Superwoman to Empowered Diva was developed to help you achieve a healthy, “livable” lifestyle. There is lots of information available on how to  get fit, lose weight or embark on a lifestyle change – but it’s not maintainable in the busy lives that most people are now living. The Get Real Plan the conscious eating for energy segment of the From Exhausted Superwoman to Empowered Diva Coaching Program was developed to meet the needs of these individuals with a customized plan so you can embark on a new healthy lifestyle that you can maintain with ease.  Learn more about Donna Lee’s  7 secrets to struggle free living here.

Join the Higher Self Care Program to achieve a life you will adore, achieve a healthy weight naturally, have more energy and be less stressed.

“Donna Lee listened with love and assisted me with life changing wisdom.  She followed through in a most professional and empathetic manner until my goal was fulfilled.  I would highly recommend the Higher Self Care Personal Coaching program to anyone who truly wishes to move forward in the right direction and improve on the quality of their lives. ” Aicha Wassef Cairo, Egypt


Consider the benefits of personalized coaching;  Expert Support, Empowering Transformation, Crystal Clarity about what works best for you.  Bring Balance into your Life and Create Lasting Changes

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