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Things that “shouldn’t” happen do?

This statement is the epitome of fighting reality. The bottom line is unpleasant things do happen. These painful experiences are designed to bring us back to higher realms of peace.  And resisting the unbearable is part of the first stage of grief.  It’s called shock. This includes dizzying confusion and is natural & normal. It’s […]

Young couple angry at each other

What I don’t know about relationships could fill a warehouse

Definition – Relationship – to connect, link or bring together.  We all have relationships. We relate to not only our family, friends, co workers and pets but our surroundings our selves and even the universe. With all this practice you’d think we’d be good at relationships. However, in my work with supporting others – relationship […]


Why Water?

I have a history of not drinking water. I drank nothing or diet soda or tea sometimes. Luckily I didn’t like coffee. My mother always told me that drinking water and walking are the most important things you can do for your health. Of course, as a young person, I rarely took anything my mom […]


REAL Benefits of Slowing Down

Slow Down Diet by Marc David Donna Lee’s summary….. I found the information in this book accurate and revolutionary. I began implementing the suggestions in the 8 chapters immediately. I discovered that all these years of limiting food, overeating later, not taking time to enjoy eating was backwards and working against me. As I began […]


What’s Your Why?

All that time spent in a bathing suit at the beach in summer reminds us why it’s important to enjoy a healthy diet. But the truth is, too often we focus on looks as the sole reason to eat healthy. Looking great is just the proverbial icing on the cake. What’s your why for enjoying […]